ALB in the Tank

Stone Document, me ‘n’ Wilder, Ghost Ghost all resuming some degree of activity leads to the next installment: The Arty LaVigne Band enters the studio. We spent a day in the studio starting on rhythm tracks for the debut ALB release (as yet untitled) with Ben Collette at Tank Studios manning the faders and Rose Durfee assisting. There were a few hurdles getting here (including broken ankles and scheduling snafus – all our own fault, BTW) but it feels really good to be on our way!

We also had a visit from long time friend Rob O’Dea (who worked on the second John Tower Group and the LaVigne/Christensen albums we did at Joe Egan’s place (Feels like a million years ago). A pleasant surprise that helped set the mood.

  • all photos by Andrew Bedard except where noted