ALB in the Tank

Stone Document, me ‘n’ Wilder, Ghost Ghost all resuming some degree of activity leads to the next installment: The Arty LaVigne Band enters the studio. We spent a day in the studio starting on rhythm tracks for the debut ALB release (as yet untitled) with Ben Collette at Tank Studios manning the faders and Rose Durfee assisting. There were a few hurdles getting here (including broken ankles and scheduling snafus – all our own fault, BTW) but it feels really good to be on our way!

We also had a visit from long time friend Rob O’Dea (who worked on the second John Tower Group and the LaVigne/Christensen albums we did at Joe Egan’s place (Feels like a million years ago). A pleasant surprise that helped set the mood.

  • all photos by Andrew Bedard except where noted

The Day On You

Ten years to the day since the release of our last single (Hey Princess), Ghost Ghost is proud to share with you our tribute to the late Tom Verlaine. Our version of his song The Day On You shines a light on the influence he had on us and how we use guitars. Hope you like it.

Tom Verlaine

On the heels of losing Jeff Beck, this one hits hard.

He was the cornerstone of my Post-Punk influences and the foundation of my musical relationship with my Ghost Ghost guitar partner, Karl.

R.I.P. and thank you, Mr. Verlaine.

Wilder and Me

MC and DW, about to head onstage.

Got to hit the stage with regular co-conspiritor, David Wilder to crank out a handful of songs at Middlebury College’s Wilson Hall. It was heaps of fun and really nice to be on my buddy Sam’s turf (he’s the T.D. and primary sound dude there). A nice reminder how much more fun performing is when you have a safe pair of hands at the board.

There was some video shot that I hope to be able to post soon. Stay tuned!

The Art of Sound

I was honored to be asked to make noise with some old friends as part of an electronic music concert that was organized with several classes happening during Winter Term here at Middlebury College. Each of my co-conspirators are people I would drop everything for, grab the Stick and stompboxes and head into the musical unknown.

Sandy Nordahl – computer, keyboard, iPhone
Peter Hamlin – Roli keyboard with computer and visualizations
Matthew Evan Taylor – woodwinds, Boss RC300 Loop Station
Mark Christensen – Chapman Stick and effects, looping
Jack Tipper – computer, synth and custom-designed sounds

Performed live at Middlebury College’s Robison Hall, January 15, 2023.


So much fun, and yet…

Show day finally came for the Caligari pit band. The audience was great, the band did well (maybe with the exception of one guitar/Stick player).

First, the positives:

  • The idea of taking known songs that (kinda) fit the narrative and then deconstructing/distressing them into a soundtrack for the 1920 horror film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was inspired and really fun to tackle (Kudos to Andrew Bedard and Leo Ashby).
  • Every musician was someone I knew by name and reputation but I had never played with and every musician brought something exceptional to the table.
  • Everyone involved is a top-tier improviser and got to flex those muscles going zero to weird in the blink of an eye.
  • The rhythm section of Ploof/Henkel/Huisman can be best described with one word: wow.
  • Great venue and staff at the Main Street Landing Black Box Theater.
  • MVP status to Adam Ploof, our go-to guy for musical questions.
  • The audience seemed to dig it.
  • The entire process was a lot of fun.


Colin and Andrew

The calm before.
These cats are the best. L-R: Niels Huisman, Greg Rothwell, Avery Cooper, Colin Henkel, Andrew Bedard, Jack Valance, Sam Atallah, Andriana Chobot, Adam Ploof, M.C.

The other side:

  • I usually have multiple instruments on a gig (there’s always a spare). This case? Nah. So when my B string went wonky just before the climax of the proceedings, I did what I could to remedy it, but
    • The date fell right after a period in my schedule that didn’t allow for a lot of practice time so I went in feeling a bit rough and ill-prepared.
    • I usually have multiple instruments on a gig (there’s always a spare). This case? Nah. So when my B string went wonky just before the climax of the proceedings, I did what I could to remedy it, but
  • Up Next…

    Monday, October 31st (a.k.a. “Halloween”!).

    Andrew Bedard (best known as drummer for innumerable bands/projects around Burlington) directs/conducts and ensemble of local all-stars providing a musical score to the classic silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Considered by many to be the first horror film ever made, the film will be augmented with tunes both well-known and vaguely familiar (and occasionally from somewhere beyond what we know and understand). I have had an absolute blast working on this and can’t wait to share it with an audience. More details can be found at: