TV, part III

LCATV’s Havana Fairfax Connection aired an interview with Arty as well as a single-camera audience shoot of our show at the Double EE on 04/05/24.

TV, part II

Arty and I did an appearance on Mounir Khouri’s Media Factory show for Burlington local TV (now available world wide!). Topics included Arty’s history as a broadcaster, the history of WIZN, our history as collaborators and just which Mark I am.


On Monday, April 8th, The Arty LaVigne Band played the entirety of The Getaway on Toni Bassanta’s LCATV program The Havana Fairfax Connection. It’s always a blast to be on Toni’s show and he and engineer Rebecca were both fantastic as always.


Arty and I did a radio appearance on Toni Basanta’s WWPV radio show The Havana Connection on Sunday. Toni has been a vocal and avid supporter of our projects and his enthusiasm and love of the band is always energizing. We got to chat about our history together and where we are headed next.

Above Ground Radio

Arty and I will be on WWPV‘s Havana Connection this Sunday (March 17th) at 3:00 PM EST, chatting with Toni Basanta about The Getaway and some upcoming appearances. Details on how to listen online can be found here.

And… We’re Back

While life continues to throw hurdles and potholes in my path, it is becoming clearer and clearer that playing music is what will keep me moving forward (and breathing). Knocking the dust off and beginning again (wherever I am) is becoming a re-occurring but necessary practice. So, here’s what’s next:

  • Promotional appearances and performances for the Arty LaVigne Band’s new disc The Getaway [local TV and radio] – details soon!
  • Continuing work on recording with Dennis Tirch on next post-Stone Document release
  • A solo appearance or two
  • Hitting local venues with The Rough Suspects!

ALB @ HUC, 06-20-23

Sometimes things go as planned and expected. Sometimes you are surprised. Every once and while you get all of the above.

The Arty LaVigne Band knocked off the dust and hit the stage for the first time this year, at Halvorson’s Upstreet Cafe, as part of their Courtyard Music Series. Coming back after a gigging hiatus is always an interesting transition. The performance was not without it’s flaws but the audience response to the forthcoming album’s material and the band’s sound in general was a pleasant and encouraging surprise. The audience support (both visual and verbal) was greatly appreciated. We also helped raise funds for the Vermont Language Justice Project, so all in all, a good night. Plus, I now know I can change guitars mid-song, while singing and not mess up the lyrics.

photo: Tim Lewis

Band buddy Tim’s impressions of the gig (and more photos) can be seen here.