Return to the Baby o’ Fatness

Got the word from Doc that Stone Document has been asked back to Fat Baby just after Christmas and I’m invited along again. This is reassuring. It also sends me scurrying back to the pedalboard to fine tune my rig. I’ve replaced the ART TPS preamp with a pair of ART V3 Studio pres (which are essentially the same thing in a different box but don’t take up as much space and are easier to see in a pedalboard setting). And I finally have my Adrenalinn III up and running. Seems the upgrade chipset was wonky and Roger (Linn, creator of the Adrenalinn and much of the technology that has been at the center of popular music in the last 30 years) sent me out a new set. He seems to be an amazingly nice guy. Now I just need to reprogram the thing and I’m set.

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