• Fools and FodderFeckless [self-released, out of print] – co-production, guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, vocals
  • Mark Christensen – Grand Performing Rites [self-released, out of print] – production, guitars, synthesizers, percussion
  • John Tower GroupNot From Here – co-production, bass
  • John Tower GroupGood Sad Story – co-production, bass, Stick, organ, piano, vocals
  • Courtney BrocksMiles And Miles [self-released, out of print] – production, bass, lap steel
  • Stone DocumentAnamnesis [self-released] – Stick on one track
  • Stone DocumentToo Red For The Room – co-production, Stick, looping
  • Stone DocumentLive At Middlebury College – co-production, Stick, looping, synthesizer and sampler
  • Mark ChristensenSelected Ambient Works, vol. 1 – production, guitar and looping
  • Arty LaVigne & Mark ChristensenTomorrowland – production, guitar, piano, lap steel, looping
  • Stone DocumentI Was Here – guitar, bass, synthesizer
  • Radio UndergroundDark And Getting Darker – co-production, guitar, lap steel, vocals, looping
  • Radio UndergroundLive At Robot Dog – co-production, guitar, vocals, looping
  • Radio Underground12/12/12 – production, guitar, vocals, looping

Singles, EPs & Compilations

  • VariousBest Of The Green Mountain Blues, vol. 1 [out of print]
  • VariousBest Of The Green Mountain Blues, Vol.2 [out of print]
  • Chain Tape Collective(CT) Project – Spring 1999, East Coast [out of print]
  • Chain Tape Collective(CT) Project – Seventy-five Seconds [Miniatures, vol.1] [self-released, out of print]
  • Chain Tape Collective(CT) Project – Bluezette [self-released, out of print]
  • Ghost GhostHey Princess
  • Ghost GhostChristmas Comes Whenever You Come Home/Please Come Home For Chrismas
  • BardelaSky [free download at ]