Radio Underground - Palace of Tears

From the forthcoming album, Dark and Getting Darker.  Radio Underground is Arty LaVigne (guitar and lead
vocals), Mark Christensen (lead guitar and vocals), Chris Simard (bass) and Andrew Bedard (drums).  RU has
been a part of the Northern Vermont music landscape for years with lots of gigs and even more miles under
their belt.

Bardela - The Crow

From their recent EP “Sky”.  Jeff Barrows (“BAR” – bass), Cooie DeFrancesco (“DE” – rhythm guitar and
vocals), Arty LaVigne (“LA” – rhythm guitar and vocals), Dave Simpson (drums) and Mark Christensen (lead
guitar).  Recorded before Dave was officially drafted into the ranks, the tracks on Sky feature Zack LaVigne on

Stone Document - GaneshaDotGod

From their second album (and last as a trio), Too Red For The Room.  Dennis Tirch (guitar and realtime
looping), Mike Roze (acoustic drums and V-Drums) and Mark Christensen (Chapman Stick and realtime
looping).  The entire album was improvised and recorded in an afternoon not long after Dennis and Mark
performed (and sharpened their listening skills) in Italy with Robert Fripp and The Orchestra of Crafty

LaVigne and Christensen - Save Me

From the album Tomorrowland, a collection of songs they were working on as their band the John Tower
Group was dissolving (some of which went on to become Radio Underground staples).  Rediscovered,
reconsidered, remastered and finally released in 2017.  

Ghost Ghost - Hey Princess

Ghost Ghost were Brooklyn’s indie freak-folk/rock band that displayed a flair for literary references (their
album No Clothes On Ragged Island was entirely about the life of poet Edna St. Vincent Millay) and proudly
included a painter (Charlie Kemmerer) and video/projection artist (Tim Bartlett) as part of their gigging team.  
The band was the brainchild of Kevin Peckham (bass, synths and vocals) and Karl Ward (guitar, drums,
looping and vocals) with Mark Christensen (lead guitar and looping) rounding out the team.

Stone Document - Too Red for the Room

Another track from the album with the same name.  This shows the trio in full prog-skronk mode.

LaVigne and Christensen - Lifetime

Another Tomorrowland tune that has gone on to live in Radio Underground’s cannon.

Stone Document - Cinema Colliseo

Re-invented as a duo, Dennis and Mark experimented with using improvisation as a compositional diving
board.  I Was Here is the result (and their most recent release).

John Tower Group - Trace

The John Tower Group was at one time Vermont’s other jam band and the birthplace of Mark and Arty’s 20+
year musical partnership.  This is from their second album Good Sad Story and features the last official line up
of Mike Colbourn (lead guitar and vocals), Arty LaVigne (rhythm guitar and vocals), Mark Christensen (bass
and Chapman Stick) and Zack LaVigne (drums).

Click HERE to download a ZIP file with the entire collection.