This page features loops, beds and samples I have created, many from my own projects and concerts, that anyone interested may download and use in their projects within the Creative Commons framework. Most started with an electric guitar or Chapman Stick and a looper, tweaked in realtime to sometimes (intentionally) unpleasant results. Feel free to hack and mangle as your muse guides you. All I ask is that you let me know so I can check out what you do with it.

20001103 120001103 17:27
20001103 220001103 22:19
20001103 320001103 34:12
20070920200709200:07112.969 bpm
20190423 120190423 18:06
20190423 220190423 26:47
mark skwonkingmark skwonking13:14
20211008 120211008 132:57
20211008 220211008 212:51
loop of unknown origin 1loop of unknown origin 110:45
Son of Return of Stick Practice Improvisation (slight return)Son of Return of Stick Practice Improvisation (slight return)1:36