The Day On You

Ten years to the day since the release of our last single (Hey Princess), Ghost Ghost is proud to share with you our tribute to the late Tom Verlaine. Our version of his song The Day On You shines a light on the influence he had on us and how we use guitars. Hope you like it.



Through an amazing stroke of luck and an act of kindness, I got a pass to the annual N.A.M.M.

Back Again

Knocking the dust off and trying to get back to it. I know, it’s been a while.

SXSW 2014

This is the annual “I’m leaving for South by Southwest so I’d better make sure my web info is current” post.

The Evolution of the Board, part 7

Here we have an example of the technological excess that I rely on to make the noise I make. This is my Radio Underground/general rock pedalboard. Yes, it’s heavy and a pain to load in. Yes, it is worth it.

The signal path goes along as such:

guitar input -> Line 6 M5 with expression pedal for whammy and wah presets -> MXR Dynacomp -> Ernie Ball volume pedal – Korg Pitchblack tuner -> B.C. Rich programable swithcher (that swithches between my preamp and distortion/fuzz sounds: a DOD EQ, an early ’80s Ibanez TS9, a Sovtek Big Muff and an Electro Harmonix Tube Zipper) -> ART Tube preamp -> Electro Harmonix Freeze -> Line 6 M9 for delays/modulation/basic looping -> off to the amps!

So We Begin Again

Summer has ended and I’m trying to organize/prioritize/categorize my projects. Currently at hand are the following: Stick practice (ongoing), NST practice/repertoire (ongoing) – in anticipation of next Spring’s Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists Northeast USA appearances, mixing the live Radio Underground EP, rehearsing for some forthcoming RU shows, demoing for the next Ghost Ghost recording, exploring booking opportunities for both RU and solo gigs, knocking the dust off of the Pantet repertoire and restarting that behemoth.

SXSW 2012, Part 4

Day 7 (March 15)

The day began in line for the keynote speech for this year’s SXSW Music part of the festival. Lining up early was important as Bruce Springsteen was the speaker. While in line the email went out to those who were selected in the lottery for tickets to Springsteen’s SXSW concert. Kevin got chosen, I did not. The keynote was interesting and entertaining although mostly about the past and I think most of us are interested in the future. You can watch and read the whole thing here.

After that Kevin stepped outside and nearly stumbled over Ben Fee (an old friend of his that he had no idea would be there). A pleasant surprise in an ever shrinking world. Kev then had to head out to get in line for Springsteen while I wandered off for an epic night of music.

First stop: Cedar Street Courtyard where I saw Madi Diaz and band (a pleasant surprise/discovery) and then a solo set by Trixie Whitley. Trixie’s dad (the late Chris Whitley) remains a huge influence on me as does Trixie’s band Black Dub. There were some technical issues with the loaner keyboard that had her a bit flustered but whenever she opened her mouth to sing you forgot about everything else.

Next stop was Lamberts: Caught the Melismatics set (good, rockin’), followed by the Figgs (good, rockin’, quirky), followed by Tommy Stinson (ex-Replacements, ex-Bash and Pop, currently of G’n’R and Soul Asylum as well as solo) along with his band. Awesome set. Wandered back to hotel and caught up with Kevin who gave me the details of the Springsteen show while I tried not to fall asleep in my beer. A long day.

Day 8 (March 16)

Convention center day, wandering from workshops and panels to Flatstock (concert poster display). That evening Kevin headed off to connect with Ben Fee and I headed back to the Cedar Street Courtyard to see Thomas Dolby. Nice to finally see him live as I have always liked his work. The new album is pretty good as well. Then reconnected with Kevin to wander through the sea of people:

Day 9 (March 17)

Pannels in the morning. In the afternoon attended a vocal workshop presented by Ian Astbury (the Cult). Some usefull stuff with a lot of stories (prompted by co-presenter Martin Atkins (ex P.I.L, ex-Pigface). Headed into East Austin to reconnect with Kevin and Laura at the Yellowjacket (kick-ass grilled cheese sandwiches) and then wandered back into downtown Austin to see a band of Laura’s friends. We split up after that and I headed over to the Hilton Garden Inn to catch a set by my friend, violinist Todd Reynolds, who never ceases to amaze. His disc Outerborough is definately worth checking out. He was followed by Hatian “Afro-Electronica” artist Val-Inc, who won over the small crowd with some interesting and adventurous soudscapes. Then I staggered off to bed.

Day 10 (March 18)

Travel. Blech. At least the day started with Tacos at Titos with Kevin and Margaret.

Really looking forward to seeing my family and being home again.