Standing at Crossroads (Cafe)

Dave and I did a set at Crossroads tonight, opening for Staygold and the Ponyboys (a.k.a. our friends Ben and Bjorn). Second night in a row I’ve started off confident and then consistently fucked things up (mostly musical micro-aggressions conflated by monitoring struggles – all of my own doing). Still, playing with Dave is always fun, at least for me. Not making assumptions about the audience. The highlight was actually the two songs we did as a quartet (as Texas Headphones) between our two sets; Wayfaring Stranger and Willie Nelson’s Nightlife. I think we may need to explore the potential of this group. The other highlight for me was getting a few Super Ego + (the stompbox) ideas from Ben.

Texas Headphones

Bardela meets Robot Dog

Had an amazingly fun time recording an in-studio performance with Bardela for the Burlington Music segment of Tim Lewis’s WBKM radio show. Cranked out 4 songs and some banter between. Tim is a great champion for local music (and has really similar tastes to mine – example: he plays at least one Fish song each week and we kept referencing the Genesis track (well, album side) Supper’s Ready. Things went pretty smoothly, tho’ fumbly-fingers, yours truly did drop the ball a couple times but recovered quickly if not gracefully. Just have to remember – make sure you can hear your instrument at all times and DO A VOCAL WARM-UP!

The session was done at Robot Dog studio, and it was a blast. Everybody was in a good mood, and a huge part of that is attributable to Tim’s supportive environment and (engineer/owner/mastermind) Ryan’s demeanor and efficiency. Robot the dog was also helpful in keeping the vibe relaxed. I think he’s my spirit animal.

Mixing at Lovetown

Started mixing the first couple of songs for Dark and Getting Darker, the forthcoming Radio Underground album.  I am hoping we will be able to release a tune or two as a digital pre-sale incentive.  More on that plan as it formulates.







Bennett demonstrates how the hat is the most important accessory for mixing sessions.