Arty and Mark

So, as the year winds down, gigs get more sparse ’round here (“here” being the greater Burlington/Winooski area) allowing for some housekeeping and re-organizing.  In the process I unearthed (or whatever the digital version of that is) the mix-downs of the abandoned “Marty” project (Mark + Arty = Marty).
About 12 years ago as the John Tower Group was slowly dissolving Arty booked some studio time to track some of the songs he’d been writing and he asked if I wanted to be involved.  After about 4 seconds of consideration I said yes, but offered to play guitar as I had been more focused on that instrument at the time.  So we assembled one our favorite rhythm sections, Mike Scott on bass and Zack LaVigne on drums and invited Mike Colbourn along to throw down an additional guitar solo or two. We worked intermittently throughout the Summer and Fall at Egan Media in Colchester, one of the most state of the art recording studios in Vermont that isn’t built into an Anastasio outbuilding, with Aaron Flinn and Rob O’Dea engineering.  The session went pretty smoothly and I even got to stretch out on piano and resonator on a track or two.  Got some mixes we were happy with and then…

… nothing. For 12 years.

So, upon revisiting the completed mixes we discovered we were really happy with them.  I was startled to discover I really liked a lot of my playing on them.  They also captured some songs in their infancy that had since evolved and become regulars in the Radio Underground cannon.  After pondering it, we decided to release the album as a sort of archival release/fundraiser for the Radio Underground album we are currently tracking. We both agreed that as funny as it seemed to us, as an album title, Marty sucked. We decided to call it Tomorrowland after one of the songs in that batch o’ tunes. Now you, dear reader, can own this chunk o’ Vermont rock history for as little as… well actually you can have it for free if you want.  Head on over to our Bandcamp page and pay as little (or as much) as you want.  Really, our top motivation is sharing these songs with you so don’t feel any pressure/guilt.  Just rock on. If you find you like the album, share it with a friend (or a hundred friends – I don’t know how popular you are!) and let us know what you think.

And as always, thanks for listening.

RU recording



Radio Underground have been working on basics at Lovetown in Middlesex, VT with Bennett Shapiro handling the engineering.  Arty and I had such a good experience tracking the Bardela EP that this choice was a no-brainer.  So far, things are going pretty smothly.  In an effort to keep things focused and moving forward, I am limiting the number of guitars I bring on any given day.  So far the Rickenbacker 12-string and the Burny LP have been the heavy-hitters with the Frankentele and Gretsch baritone making brief but fiery appearances.