Radio Underground @ Das Bierhaus, 9/28/13

RU did Das Bierhaus in Burlington last Saturday nite.  We played outside which was wonderful.  During the second set we had a special guest, Dice Raw of the Roots rapped during the instrumental break-down.  Given the number of cameras and smiles I think it was well-received.  He had so much fun he joined us again later on Trace.  It was a pleasant surprise to see and hear us successfully collide with Hip-hop.  Hopefully I will get my hands on some of the video/audio recording.

So We Begin Again

Summer has ended and I’m trying to organize/prioritize/categorize my projects. Currently at hand are the following: Stick practice (ongoing), NST practice/repertoire (ongoing) – in anticipation of next Spring’s Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists Northeast USA appearances, mixing the live Radio Underground EP, rehearsing for some forthcoming RU shows, demoing for the next Ghost Ghost recording, exploring booking opportunities for both RU and solo gigs, knocking the dust off of the Pantet repertoire and restarting that behemoth.  This is all in addition to the usual ongoing rig construction/deconstruction/reconstruction, instrument maintenance, web meandering  and occasionally pondering returning to my two solo recording projects. One of these days…