RU – Nectar’s, 05/30/12

Radio Underground played Nectar’s last night and it ranks among the top 10 gigs in my life.  It was a sweat-soaked, fingers-hurt, face-hurts-from-smiling, voice-blown-out-in-spite-of-vocal-warm-up, don’t-give-a-shit-there’s-only-seven-people-in-the-audience, unrelenting bacchanal of sound waves.  Other performers on the bill were cool, the beer in the dressing room cold (and drinkable) and we got fed. Not sure how it felt for the other guys and the recording my prove otherwise but it felt like I could do no wrong. My fingers kept up with my brain and everything in the rig did what it was supposed to without any technical glitches. Beat the hell out of the Tele and it kept on ticking (proof even Squiers have their merrits) though I still need to verify it survived the end of set slam for punctuation (tho’ it always does). The sound guy knew what he was doing and all of the staff were friendly (from the front door to the kitchen). I even got a good parking spot.

This is why I still do this, unnoticed and at a financial loss.