Hey Princess

Ghost Ghost is trying out a test of the “Let’s all work on the same song from all of our respective studios in our respective states” approach to recording.  It’s for a new Karl song called “Hey Princess” that was originally commissioned for a video by Makerbot. Everybody is doing their own parts and uploading them to Soundcloud or Gobbler and then Kevin is assembling and mixing.  So far it seems to be working well.  I am loving the song and it’s becoming clear just how good Kevin is at mixing (very). Hopefully it will be out as a single but it probably won’t be until after we get back from South By Southwest.  Oh, I didn’t tell you?  We’re doing SXSW again this year, and this time I will be there with the rest of the band.  I hope Texas will survive.

Stone Disc

The vinyl pressing of Too Red For The Room is here and we are really happy with the way it sounds.

Not sure yet where it will be available for sale (and it is a limited edition) but I will let you know when I know.