Ghost Ghost West Coast, Day 3

Day off. Karl had other commitments so Kevin, Mike D. and I wandered around the city. Ended up at Dolores Park a veritable sea of humanity soaking up the sun.  We were fairly easy to spot – three pasty-white guys in black t-shirts and the only people standing in the shade.

One of the highlights of the day was the bacon bloody marys at the 500 Club. And they had one of the best-stocked jukeboxes I’ve ever encountered. Replacements and Nick Cave? Awesome.

Ghost Ghost West Coast, Day 2 – Show Day

Rehearsed all day with the full line up (Karl, Kev, me, Mike DeBlois on drums and Michael Mahoney on synth) and the came the schlepp into the city. Checked in and then headed to the venue. We were met there by none other than Mr. Keith Watts (former drummer for Regional Science Fair as well as many other improvisational outings with me). Grabbed some food and then loaded in. Soundcheck was good although it was a bit tricky figuring out how we’d fit.  Ended up with Karl and Kevlar in front of the stage, the rest of us behind them on the riser.

We hit at about 10 PM and was pleased to see a lot of faces I hadn’t seen in years – family, old college friends and ex-bandmates among them.  Odd that I have to travel thousands of miles to get people to turn up at a show.


The set went well (but LOUD!).  Felt good to rock again – this being the first show since drummer Tim’s departure. I think the crowd enjoyed it as well. HIJK was splendid as well.

Post show we all posed for this pic in front of Li Po lounge:

L to R: Kevlar, Mike D., Mike M., Karl, me, Dave Tsui, Karl Tupper and Trevor Wencl