Ghost Ghost and Vincent

Did a very special gig with Ghost Ghost on Oct. 18th. in Spencertown, NY.  It was as part of an event celebrating Edna St. Vincent Millay (the subject of the No Clothes on Ragged Island album).  It was on the eve of the 60th anniversary of her death and the event was held at the Spencertown Academy which is quite close to Steepletop, the Austerlitz, NY estate where EStVM (a.k.a “Vincent”) spent the latter part of her life.  We actually visited Steepletop earlier in the day which made the performance all the more special.  This was the fist time NCoRI was perfomed in it’s entirety.  Tim Bartlett was along and did projections that really added to the event.

Ghost Ghost at Steepletop:  (L to R) Tim Bartlett, Mark Christensen, Karl Ward, Kevin Peckham, Tim Ireland

Karl and Mark working on some arrangements pre-show.

Gears are turning…

Stone Document and Ghost Ghost @ Local 269

Had a rare treat on Friday night.  Stone Document and Ghost Ghost played on the same bill at The Local 269 (NYC) and I got to play with both of them.  After sets by friends Rick Mercaldi and J. Lippi,  Stone Document hit the stage.  There seemed to be more than the usual gremlins in my rig so the set for me was a struggle.  Felt like the band wasn’t firing on all cylinders or connecting but I was assured otherwise by folks at the end of the night.

Then came a set from Ghost Ghost.

We played a bunch of songs from No Clothes on Ragged Island (some for the first time).  A pretty solid set.

My brother was in town and this was the first chance to see these bands.  Pretty convenient one-stop shopping.