Venue change!?!?

Got word Thursday there might be a complication with SD’s Saturday NYC gig.  Dennis and Mike went by the venue to make sure that the poster was up.  It was.  So was another poster with a completely different line-up for the same night.  Apparently the venue and the booker didn’t know the other was booking that night, so…

After some scrambling we were booked to play at Desmond’s Tavern, a little farther up town.  Then began the frantic e-mail/facebook campaign to let people know.  What did we do before social networking?

Ghost Ghost @ The Studio at Webster Hall

Saturday was a whirlwind of activity.  After a late breakfast with Karl and Jackie it was time for Ghost Ghost to rehearse.  We ran through the set and talked about arrangements (whilst I scribbled notes on the set-list).  Tim Bartlett was there testing his camera/projection rig.  Tim I. was fighting off an illness, looking like a zombie but still hitting like a champ.

Mark and Karl…

Tim and Tim…


Then it was off to the Studio at Webster Hall.  Parking was relatively easy, load in mostly painless. The sound guy wasn’t there yet but no worries.  When the soundguy did show he looked like he’d been run over by a truck.  More specifically a truck full of bad seafood.  He said he thought he had food poisoning and then proceeded to spend most of his time slowly curling into a fetal ball on a couch at the back of the venue.

Now was the time to worry.  The band jumped into action (taking advantage of the fact that there were 2 proffesional soundguys in the band) and we started setting up the venues mics and getting the hook-up together.  A rep from the promoter showed up, was brought up to speed and then drafted to handle the board for the line/sound check, which actually went fairly well.  At some point in the afternoon Captain Foodpoisoning dissapeared and a new sound guy appeared.  How this was brought about I am still blissfully unaware.

As the other bands loaded in and checked Karl, Kevlar and myself headed to Union Square park with an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar and a small battery-powered amp in a last minute effort to drum up more audience.  Karl and Kev did a couple songs and then the three of us did a couple (me on acoustic (!), Karl on electric and Kev singing).  There were a handfull of passers-by that stopped to listen but most of ’em weren’t the rock club kinda crowd (and a few were about 16 years too young to get in – future fans maybe).

Kevin and Karl rock the park.

Back to the club to find out one of the other four bands wasn’t going to show (actually a blessing IMHO).

The Sour Notes were first up followed by The Vanguard (definitely worth checking out) and then Heypenny.  Then it was Ghost Ghost time.  It was the full production:  the band in quartet mode, Tim B. doing his projections on the band and Charlie Kemmerer painting on a canvas at the side of the stage.  Charlie is a regular feature of GG shows but this was the first time he and I shared a stage.  Not only is he a great artist but also a really nice guy, and the universe continued to exist unfazed after our worlds collided.

The show itself was immense fun and reportedly very loud (as it should be).  Although I do considerably less jumping around onstage than Karl there were moments when our movements were unwittingly synchronized.  These shots are stills from Mr. Bartlett’s video: