Ghost Ghost – May – NYC part 1

Friday night did the first of 2 shows with Ghost Ghost this weekend.  It was part of the Videokills series where short films were accompanied by live music.  We were there to perform “The Artist and the Courtesan ” a song that was written by Kev to accompany the video that was paired with the band.  There was a wide variety of musical (and cinematic) styles on the bill that night.  We were the only rock band.  The presentation was at UnionDocs a cooperative of media artists in Brooklyn and the turnout was pretty good.  It was a chance for the band to be heard by lots of new ears and it was heard – throughout the neighborhood.

The song went over well – best we ever did it I think.  The stability of the stage was questionable but it held up for the duration.  The performance felt a bit surreal as it’s doubtful we’ll ever play the song again (but I’m trying to convince the boys to record it for posterity).