Stone Document @ Midd

I play in a band.

I am one of three musicians in the band.

The other two live in New Jersey.

I drive to New York and New Jersey from time to time for gigs.

I think the music that we play makes the trips worthwhile.

Many of my Vermont acquaintances, when they learn of all of the above, usually say:  “You should play in Vermont sometime.”

Stone Document made it’s Vermont debut at the Mahaney Center for the Arts Concert Hall at Middlebury College on Friday, April 2nd.  We spent the morning doing a lecture/demonstration for two of the electronic music classes and then played a concert that evening.

It was actually really great to do the 2 classes and explain our gear and processes (and how those two interact).  We improvised a handful of pieces.  There were some good questions but I think my favorite one was “Do you guys ever make a mistake and what to you do about it?”  We replied we’d just spent 10 minutes making mistakes and dealing with it.

A problem in many college towns is the sheer volume of events and performances that happen on any given night.  This is a particularly big problem for Middlebury as the audience is limited and therefor spread pretty thin.  Our concert was no exception.  The low turnout was discouraging but my kids were thrilled to be able to hear us in person.  Guess that made it all worthwhile even if most of the You-should-play-in-Vermont crowd didn’t show.

This was the first gig after Dennis and I returned from the OCG III experience and we waiting to see how that informed what we do.   From center stage it felt like we were focusing and listening much better than usual (and this is a band that prides itself on its ability to do those things!).   Should be interesting to listen to the recording and hear if it sounded like that.  All we needed was someone to say, “Stone Document, when ready, please begin.”