One Thousand Pulses

Stone Document played the inaugural evening of the One Thousand Pulses Concert Series in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey Saturday night.  OTP is a series of home concerts focusing on a broad spectrum of electronic and experimental music and we were pretty honored that Darren asked us to do the first one.

Thanks to a later than usual start and some significant Google Maps inaccuracies I got down there a couple hours late for soundcheck and my nerves were pretty shot.  A shot of Patron and some mexican food (a combination that will cure anything) and I was ready to go.  Load in was quick and relatively easy though there were a couple of kinks in the venue’s audio/video set-up but those got sorted out as the evening progressed.  Space on “stage” was pretty tight but we did fit and though Mike had his back to us when he was at the synth I managed to find a spot out of the direct glare of our projector (always a plus!).

The attendance was a little disappointing given the amount of publicity and the number of people who said they would be there but the crowd that was there was attentive and appreciative.  By the time we got into the second set my travel adrenalin started to fade and be replaced by fatigue.  Keep in mind that even though we don’t move much when we are playing, focusing/listening/responding takes a lot of energy doing what we do.  By the end I felt like I had played 4 rock sets instead of 2 sets of improvised electronica.

A bit of video from the evening can be seen here.

This was our last New Jersey show for a while as we concentrate on other markets (yes, there will be Vermont dates at the beginning of April).

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