Black Metal Friday/Thanks Eric

Opportunity knocked in the form of Eric Rachel (producer/engineer/studio owner) who offered Stone Document a free day in his studio (Tracks East).  Apparently he likes what we do (and has a Discipline logo tattooed on him).  The day after Thanksgiving was open on all of our callendars and as I would be in the neighborhood visiting family, we decided Black Friday was the day.  Tracks East specializes in a variety of metal (Skid Row, Hatebreed, Dillinger Escape Plan) so I dubbed it “Black Metal Friday”.  Dennis and I were particularly excited to learn Eric did the surround sound mixes of Mastadon’s “Leviathan”.


The idea was to set up and play like it was a gig but with the luxury of being able to stop and fine-tune as we went.  As it turned out I don’t think we ever stopped mid-piece.  Momentum (and Eric’s enthusiasm) carried us through and at the end of the day we had several hours of great-sounding material – pretty much and album’s worth once mixed and edited.




It was an incredible day and we greatly appreciate Eric’s kindness/enthusiasm/skill/generosity.  We played beyond what we though we could.  I could easily spend a good chunk of a record company advance here.  Wait, what’s a record company?

NYC part 2

Played w Ghost Ghost  last nite @ Lit Lounge.  Being a gigging musician in NYC makes me thankful that most everywhere else I play has adequate parking.

As I’ve said before here, I love playing with these guys.

An exciting side effect from this 2-day NYC tour is the cross-pollination of the Stone Document and Ghost Ghost audiences.  There were new faces in the audience at both shows, some of them showing up for both nights.


NYC part 1

Stone Document did a set @ Alphabet Lounge (NYC) last night.  This was the first SD gig without any synths.  My newly revised signal chain for the bass side of the Stick has now made the Oberheim and footpedals redundant.  The bass side is: Stick->volume pedal->Pigtronx Philosopher’s Tone Sustainer->ART tube pre-amp->amp (usually a Roland KC-350).  This is keeping with my continuing efforts to do more with less – therapy for Gear Acquisition Syndrome (G.A.S.).

This was also the first gig with Mike on acoustic drums instead of the V-Drums.  Though some of the trademark sounds were missed (Klangfarben, bass notes, etc) something remarkable was discovered – dynamics.  This brought about some of our most sensitive improvisations.  That’s sensitive in the “we’re paying attention with a new level of detail”  not “I share your feelings and this is a special moment – hold me!”