En la Corte del Rey Hamburguesa

Lebanon, New Jersey – March 2005

En la Corte del Rey Hamurguesa

This is from the Guitar Craft Level 1 course from 2005, when/where Dennis and I met for the first time.  If it wasn’t the conception of Stone Document it was the first date.

We (L1) were charged with dividing ourselves into groups and composing a piece to be performed the next evening.  The group that I was in fell together naturally and consisted of myself, Dennis, Scott English, Daniel Reyes Linas, and Adam Handler.  What followed was one of the quickest and easiest music-making collaborations I have ever participated in.  Everyone brought something to the piece.  Ideas were proposed, tried and incorporated or discarded.  Who did what is now a blur.  Actually the whole process is kind of a blur now.

Recording is discouraged during GC courses but we really wanted this to be documented. A minidisc recorder was produced and set in the middle of the circle.  We ran through the piece and this is what we have here:  5 guitarists all armed with very similar acoustic guitars trying to keep it together.

Dennis or I came up with the title In the Court of the Burger King (a play on King Crimson’s In the Court of the Crimson King) but when there was some nervousness expressed about it I asked Daniel to translate it into Spanish.  If I recall correctly the title got a laugh from Robert when it was introduced at the performance (though the evening’s performances were later described as dismal and dreary – I’d describe them as terrified).