Back to the Mill

Did a late night show with Ghost Ghost at the Mill Saturday night.  Small but appreciative crowd.  Got to stretch out a little more with a few extended solos and structural meandering.  Also got to play on a bunch of songs I don’t usually get to play (some I had never heard before!).  The room we were in had a very low ceiling and a very hard reflective floor.  This made the sound of the whole band (and particularly the drums) brutal (but in a really good way).  I think the band found it’s inner grindcore.  I was lucky to be set up between Karl and Kevin and directly in front of Tim so I was essentially surrounded by the sound of the band.  Nice!

I’m starting to think the real reason for my recent weight loss is due to the amount of body mass I’m sweating off playing with these guys.  Did I mention we played for 3 hours?

I’m Not Kevin Peckham, But I Play Him On The Radio

Ghost Ghost returned to Midd this weekend.  Got a surprise message from Karl that said they were coming to town to do a live set on the air on WRMC Saturday afternoon and would I be interested in sitting in for a few tunes?  After about .0073 seconds of careful consideration I said “oh yeah!”

One of the advantages of doing a radio set in the middle of the day is that my kids were able to come and see the band.  They are all big fans but for obvious reasons don’t get to come and see them/us play in the middle of the night.  They were extrememly excited to get to see the band at close range (but with a double-paned window protecting them from the high decibels).  As always playing with the band was great fun but the highlight for me was soundcheck.  While Kevin listened and tweaked levels in the control room, I got to be his stand-in so he could hear the band at full volume.  I got to play Kevin’s Rickenbacker bass and handle lead vocals on Forrest Fires.  “Fun” doesn’t come close to describing it.

The band was set up in what is usually the news room.  The table and chairs were removed and we were installed in it’s place.  Very close quarters with mics and cables and drums and amps and pedalboards taking up almost every inch of floorspace.  Not sure how Karl was able to get through the set while not being able to jump up and down but he soldiered on admirably.

Afterwords, they guys graciously signed autographs (a preview of tings to come?) and we loaded out.  Unfortunately the attempt to record the set was unfruitful.  Probably the reason we sounded so good.

That evening was another Mill gig.  More on that in the next post.

Ghost Ghost


 Ghost Ghost were in town this weekend and I got the honor of appearing onstage with them for a few songs. Ghost Ghost is (my intermittent collaborator) Kevin Peckham (bass, vox, Moog), Karl Ward (guitar, vox, jumping around) and Tim Ireland (drums, vox). Their (fantastic) EP Time Is Gravity can be found here. It’s currently the most requested CD when my kids are in the car.

Friday night was Sepomana, WRMC’s music festival (11th annual?) and the following night an opening spot for the Dead Jettsons. Both were a blast. I love playing with these guys. Almost as much as I love hanging backstage with them.

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