Almost every band I’ve been an active participant in over the years has existed in a state of constant development and evolution. Example: the Stone Document you would hear today sounds different in many ways to the Stone Document that you would have heard at the beginning of the year and is vastly different than the Stone Document on the Anemnesis disc. Of course this has a lot to do with the improvisational foundation of the band but it still makes promoting the CD a bit tricky. “Here’s recording of what my band used to sound like” isn’t the best tag line for marketing it. The upside is you’ll never hear the same show twice.

The solution? Your suggestions are welcome. One option is to compose (gasp! shock! horror!), if not entire pieces then at least heads or even a hook or two. This happens very subtly anyway but taking a more active and conscious approach might help stabelize the incline of our development.

I’d like to see maybe two divisions of recorded output from this band: the live gigs (with limited airbrushing) made availlable (possibly as downloads?) shortly after each show and then the occasional studio album with composed pieces developed from our live set. So each show would be the Research and Development Department of Stone Document Enterprises.

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