Stone Document is the creative brainchild of Dennis Tirch and Mark
Christensen. The two musicians met whilst doing guitar work with Robert
Fripp and the Orchestra of Crafty Guitarists and have covered a lot of
ground since. From 2007 to 2011 they were a Northeast experimental
music staple, touring and recording their blend of psychedelic and
ADHD-infused free improvisation. They emerge again in 2018, after
several years working together in the studio shadows, pursuing various
paths of meditation, contemplation, and procrastination. With their roots
still in the world of spontaneous musical exploration, on this new album,
they have shed some of their prog-rock musings for a
"Keith-Richards-meets-Portishead-in-a-Phillip-K.-Dick-Dream" vibe. The
music winds its way through ambient meditations, through Jamtronica
territory to find its way home. Now sharing guitar and synth duties, even
they can't tell who played what anymore. It's music by Stone Document.